Overview of Student Programs

Ascension WI is committed to our communities and providing personalized, compassionate care for all. We proudly partner with schools to help students achieve their educational goals. We are committed to providing quality and meaningful field placement to motivated students to help inspire and enhance their learning experience in hopes that they might become part of Ascension WI’s vision and future.


Students may be placed in a variety of locations (clinical and non-clinical) undergoing supervised training without pay, usually for a semester for school credit and to meet graduation requirements. Students may be in groups with a school instructor present or can be precepted by Ascension WI staff directly.


Overview of Student Placement Process

Student placements are managed through Ascension WI’s database tool called the Electronic Student Clinical Placement Process (ESCPP). All requests must be placed by a school coordinator or designee. Students cannot place requests themselves. The placement process is as follows:

  1. Requests are entered into the ESCPP database at least 8 weeks prior to anticipated clinical start date.  Nursing student requests should be placed according to the Nursing Student Placement Calendar for full consideration.

  2. The Ascension WI Student Placement Coordinator will check if there is an active Master Affiliation Agreement between Ascension WI and the school and if the site will accept placement. The school will then receive notification of acceptance.

    1. Affiliation Agreements must be on file for any school before a student can be approved for placement. Please be advised that setting up an affiliation agreement can take anywhere from 4-8 weeks and sometimes even longer. It is advised to contact us early if an agreement is needed.

  3. Once placement is accepted, the student and instructor information must be entered by the school coordinator.   Student information must be added at least 4 weeks before the anticipated clinical start date. 

  4.  The school must verify health requirements and complete a criminal background check. Any students with positive background checks must be cleared through the Ascension WI Student Placement Coordinator prior to the start of their clinical experience. Background checks must be reviewed and cleared at least 4 weeks before the anticipated clinical start date.

  5. Students and instructors must complete mandatory training prior to the start of the semester. Additionally, department specific orientation checklists must be completed on the first day of clinical and held by the school coordinator. This training must be completed at least 4 weeks before the anticipated clinical start date. 

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