Family Medicine Residency

Ten Reasons to Choose Ascension Columbia St. Mary's 


Our Passion for your Success 

Ascension Columbia St. Mary's measures success by the success of our residents. In 50 years, hundreds have become successful "family docs," empowered with the skills and competencies to practice the art and science of Family Medicine. It has a lot to do with our commitment to provide the resources, expertise, innovative ideas, caring support and life/work balance you deserve. 

You'll be at the leading edge of health care, integrating evidence-based medicine with strong doctor-patient-family relationships. Our affiliation with the Medical College of Wisconsin opens doors for you to learn from nationally recognized leaders in Family Medicine. 

Our Residency is more diverse, more ambulatory-based and more flexible than many programs. Our state-of-the-art Family Health Center is a real-life medical home to a diverse urban community. Curricular tracks give you the option to pursue advanced competencies tailored to your future practice. Around Southeastern Wisconsin, we're known for our passion for patient care. We also have a passion for your success. 

Visionary Philosophy 

Medicine is visionary. Your training should be, too. Ascension Columbia St. Mary's sets the standard for excellence in Family Medicine education. Our program is a recognized education model that brings together the art and science of Family Medicine. Faculty and staff combine the most current technologies with time-tested traditions to provide patient-centered continuity of care, patient education and preventive medicine. 

We embrace the future of Family Medicine. Our Family Health Center is an integral part of the community we serve. We're a true medical home for more than 25,000 diverse patients. You'll have a unique opportunity to build personal, ongoing, healing relationships with your patients. As a member of a team-based practice, you'll develop the skills, competencies and flexibility to become an outstanding family physician. 

Flexible Curriculum

Morning Report room

Ascension Columbia St. Mary's is a pioneer in track-based curriculum that further enriches your Residency training. 

Maternity Care track participants can choose between the Standard or Advanced Maternity tracks. Advanced track participants can expect over 150 deliveries and additional hands-on training in low- and high-risk obstetric care. This track models the ideal working relationship between family physicians and obstetricians, and increases the number of well-trained doctors able to provide obstetric, newborn and postpartum care. Global Health track offers powerful, intensive opportunities to develop competencies in cultural diversity and community medicine.  It is one of the only international health curricular tracks in the country that focuses on non – clinical experiences and is for the resident who wants to enrich their education by helping change the health of populations in developing countries. Your experience will be supported by a full two year curriculum that will augment the immersion field experience within an international setting.  You will learn, first-hand, how health can be affected by the lack of vital public health services and infrastructure in impoverished communities. Serving at the grassroots level, you will work to be a part of a community’s solutions.

Community Medicine track participants will gain exposure to health delivery and programs in a wide variety of settings.  Residents will begin collaborative planning of community-based project, either ongoing or of your own choosing, using COPC methodology and  participate  in a longitudinal community-based project with intensive focus on area of personal interest At Ascension Columbia St. Mary's, we help you pursue your passion. 

Education Over Service

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Providing you with the best learning experience is our first priority. Unlike some programs, we design your service commitments around your education. Your hospital service is planned carefully to help you achieve specific competencies and learning objectives. Your Residency is not about how many hours you spend at the hospital. It's all about what you learn while you are there. Ascension Columbia St. Mary's faculty have a serious commitment to teaching. We want your learning to be interesting, effective and most importantly, relevant to your future aspirations.  We will respect your needs as an adult learner. 

Supportive Atmosphere 


Casting workshop

Residency is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The faculty, residents and staff at Ascension Columbia St. Mary's partner with you to make it the best possible experience. Mutual respect lies at the heart of our teamwork culture. Our Family Health Center is laid out in pods, each with its own team of faculty, staff and residents. Continuity is not only beneficial to the patients we serve, but beneficial to you as a resident. Understanding individual strengths and weaknesses, and building trust among team members adds richness to your Residency experience. Faculty members bring a wide range of backgrounds and experiences to the program. They take great pride in being active participants in your education. You'll find a supportive environment for educational achievement and continuous quality improvement. We believe strongly that we're partners in one another's growth. 

Our Family Health Center 

Located at the crossroads of several distinct neighborhoods, our Family Health Center serves more than 25,000 patients annually. You'll have a unique opportunity to experience the many complexities faced by those living in a diverse, vibrant urban environment. PCMH Level III recognition by the NCQA. 

Just a half-mile from our hospital, the health center's 21,000 square feet incorporates the Institute for Healthcare Improvement principles of "Idealized Office Design." The 27 examination rooms are arranged in four pods. Each pod is a home base for the physician and his/her patients within the clinic. Three procedure rooms allow us to teach office procedures including colposcopy, OB ultrasounds, non-stress testing, endometrial biopsy and much more. The center has full service X-ray, and laboratory facilities, OM tables and fully functional electronic medical records.

In addition to the traditional office visit, we offer musculoskeletal clinics and an osteopathic manipulation clinic. Our video precepting system provides real-time feedback without intruding on patient care. You'll have a large resident lounge with lockers, multiple computers and telephones - and a place to shower. 

Balanced Lifestyle


   Baseball Game

Without a doubt, your Residency will be a rigorous experience. But a rich educational experience doesn't have to be exhausting. A well-designed Residency program provides meaningful challenges without ever forgetting that you should enjoy the present while you prepare for the future. From the day you arrive, we help you achieve a healthy work/life balance. Yes, you'll work hard. The work you'll do benefits the community and the community offers you much in return. Milwaukee is a great place. It's the perfect blend of big city attractions and small town friendliness.

Whether you're single, in a relationship, or married with kids, we want you to enjoy being here. 

Apple Picking

Great Community

Sunrise from hospital

Located on the shore of Lake Michigan, Milwaukee offers the attractions of a large city and the easy-going nature of a small town. If culture is your thing, explore our internationally acclaimed museums. Check out the famous Calatrava-designed art center, Discovery Wolrd and the Milwaukee Public Museum. Enjoy art galleries, sample fine restaurants and walk along our beautiful lakeshore. 

If you're more of an outdoors person, Milwaukee's ideal. Lake Michigan is our jewel. Numerous music and ethnic festivals bring the best in entertainment and food to our lakefront every year. Some of the best hiking, camping and fishing in the state is less than a half hour away. Ski hills and cross country trails are nearby. Sports fans have it all right here. Professional baseball, basketball, soccer and hockey teams call Milwaukee home. Of course, we love our Green Bay Packers. 

There is something for everyone in Milwaukee!
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Strong Reputation  

The Ascension Columbia St. Mary's Family Medicine Residency is fully accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) with Osteopathic Recognition. Ascension Columbia St. Mary’s has a distinguished tradition of providing quality, compassionate healthcare to southeastern Wisconsin for more than 165 years.

In 1848, St. Mary’s Hospital – the state’s first private hospital, was founded by the Daughters of Charity in response to identified community needs. In 1909, a small group of physicians and community leaders founded Ascension Columbia Hospital to provide additional patient care and encourage medical research and education. Joining together as Ascension Columbia St. Mary’s in 1995, the team of staff and physicians consist of the finest medical experts – many of whom are considered to be pioneers and visionaries in their field. 

Nationally recognized faculty members include: 

  • John Seidl, MD, pioneer in non-scalpel vasectomy 
  • Camille Garrison, MD, OB Fellowship Trained, C-section privileges 

Our affiliation with the Medical College of Wisconsin Department of Family and Community Medicine, known for advancing Family Medicine, affords you all the resources of a large tertiary academic medical center. 

Future Opportunity 

Graduates of our Residency Program will tell you this is a great place to practice. Many of our graduates currently work in the Ascension Columbia St. Mary's system and a number serve on our Medical Advisory Team. Other graduates work for the Medical College of Wisconsin. Milwaukee and Wisconsin are very Family Medicine friendly. Nationwide, graduates of our program work in a wide range of rural and urban settings. Family physicians are in demand. With Ascension Columbia St. Mary's Family Medicine Residency, you will be well prepared to answer the call.