Student Services

Ascension All Saints offers a variety of resources to students enrolled in the School of Radiologic Technology that not only address the academic requirements but also the spiritual and personal needs as well. The hospital facility has an associate fitness center of which the students have 24/7 access, a medical library with access to hundreds of medical textbooks, e-books, e-journals and a variety of search engines.

Annual flu shots are provided at no cost to the student in addition to emergency treatment for any injuries incurred while on the hospital campus. The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is offered to radiology students and includes three free counseling sessions along with recommendations for follow-up care.


Personal Counseling

Personal counseling is provided minimally twice a semester. The counseling sessions address affective behaviors and professional development, academic progress, and clinical competency. Academic counseling is provided when students are not meeting the minimum grade requirements.
Ascension All Saints is a Catholic-based hospital with 24/7 accessibility to pastoral care from a variety of denominations. Students enrolled in the School of Radiology are able to utilize services from the Hospital staff.


Financial Aid

Ascension All Saints, School of Radiologic Technology does not offer financial aid; however, students enrolled in a University affiliate may apply for financial aid through the University. For those not enrolled in an academic university, may offer additional possibilities for scholarships, financial aid, or other student loan information. Scholarships will be accepted. Or a personal bank loan may be an option. The program is approved for VA benefits.


Scholarship Program

The School of Radiologic Technology has a scholarship program for students who are entering their second year of education. Scholarships are subsidized by an endowment fund through the Ascension – All Saints Foundation and are awarded to a minimum of two students based on merit and need.