Third Year Residents

GwidtKristi Gwidt, MD
Medical College of WI

KaminskiKathryn Kaminski, DO
Des Moines University, College of Osteopathic Medicine

What impresses me about Ascension Columbia St. Mary's:
“Being born and raised in the suburbs of Milwaukee, I knew I wanted to establish my medical career in my home city. I'm so happy to have that opportunity at Ascension Columbia St. Mary's, which blends the support and resources of a community hospital with all the benefits of Milwaukee's vibrant culture. My philosophy in medicine is to treat others the way you would want to be treated. When I first started my medical school rotation at Ascension Columbia St. Mary’s, it quickly became apparent that CSM holds that same philosophy. I was immediately impressed by the staff's dedication to and passion for excellent patient care. I am very excited to join the Ascension Columbia St. Mary’s family!”

MaglioccoKristin Magliocco, MD
University Of Wisconsin, School of Medicine & Public Health

NarteyBernard Nartey, MD
Stritch School of Medicine, Loyola University Chicago

What impresses me about Ascension Columbia St. Mary's:
"It's very important for me to find a strong, family friendly program where my growing family and I would thrive. During my interview day, I was very impressed by the focus on community health, supportive faculty & staff, hospital facilities and competent & confident residents. I also took special note of the Patient Centered Medical Home, along with all the benefits it affords to patients and physicians. I felt very at home and relaxed throughout the day. I knew this would be the best place to learn and develop my skills as a Family Physician.  Coming from Chicago, being able to get from one side of town to the other in 30 mins was a bonus! I was told I would find the "right fit" during my interviews and I am very happy that happened to be CSM!"

SmithEdward Smith, DO
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

WosErin Wos, DO
Western University Of Health Sciences, College of Osteopathic Medicine

What impresses me about Ascension Columbia St. Mary's:
"Some of the foundational qualities of a great physician are compassion, dedication to patient-care, and enthusiasm.  When I interviewed at CSM, it was apparent that the residents, faculty, and staff possess all of these qualities and are excited about teaching and working together.  I believe that I can hone my own compassion and understanding of people from diverse backgrounds by living near and working with them.  This is why, as a native Oregonian, it was important for me to find a residency that would introduce me to new people and cultures.  Not only is CSM the perfect program for this, but it also provides a rigorous, thorough curriculum that will be the ultimate basis for learning and practicing full-spectrum family medicine.  My interests include sports medicine and nutrition, and I am looking forward to opportunities to work with local sports teams and at sporting events so that I can achieve my goals; how fortunate am I to be in a training environment that supports that! " 

WrightBrian Wright, MD
Medical College of WI

What impresses me about Ascension Columbia St. Mary's:
“Throughout undergrad and medical school, my passion in medicine has evolved toward sports medicine. I would love to be the team physician for a university while also working in student health to provide educational and preventative medicine.  After interviewing at CSM I knew I would have a chance to chase this dream. With the training, support, and incredible atmosphere present at CSM, upon graduation, I will have the tools to turn my dream into reality. And as a Milwaukee native, staying close to family is a bonus too.”


Second Year Residents

CuthbertScott Cuthbert, D.O.
Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine

EngmannMathew Engmann, D.O.
Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine

What impresses me about Ascension Columbia St. Mary's:
“Being born and raised in Wisconsin, I am excited and honored to be able to complete my residency training as a part of Ascension Columbia St. Mary’s.  In my personal life I enjoy doing a little bit of everything, and that is also reflected in my desire to pursue Family Medicine. For this reason I wanted a program that has well-rounded training throughout multiple disciplines and demographics. With their several tracks, flexible curriculum, and both urban and community settings this is exactly what I found at Columbia St. Mary’s.  During my interview day I was further impressed by how comfortable I felt with everyone I met, even if only after a talking for a few minutes.  When combining this broad-spectrum training with people that are happy, knowledgeable, and welcoming, I know I found the right place for me.”

JensonMatthew Jenson, M.D.
Medical College of Wisconsin
JinAngela Jin, M.D.
Southern Illinois University

JorgensonJack Jorgenson, M.D.
Medical College of Wisconsin

What impresses me about Ascension Columbia St. Mary's:
“As a medical student I had the opportunity to rotate at CSM for multiple rotations. I was impressed with the residents, faculty and support staff through each of my encounters. During my time rotating at the CSM Family Health Center I felt welcomed from day one, as residents would greet me and introduce themselves on a daily basis. The support staff made a point to build a rapport with me, and make me feel part of the team. I saw firsthand how the faculty is encouraging to residents, and they provide an excellent learning environment that I was looking for in a residency program.  I distinctly remember saying to my spouse after my fourth year rotation, that I could easily see myself being happy about going to work at CSM every day. One of the biggest draws for me to the CSM program was the commitment to serving the urban patient population with an emphasis in community medicine training. Knowing that CSM has all the opportunities I wanted in a program makes me very excited for my training. I am honored and excited to join the CSM family!”

RushChizelle Rush, M.D.

What impresses me about Ascension Columbia St. Mary's:
“A mentor of mine once said, “Find a place where fitting in is simple, it will make the most challenging and grueling tasks, easier.” These words of wisdom led me to choose Columbia St. Mary’s as my best fit residency program. From interview day onward, I’ve felt right at home! The faculty, staff, and residents are genuinely engaging and work hard to foster community within the program. This creates a supportive learning and working environment. Additionally, my values of providing patient-centered care to culturally, socio-economically, and racially diverse populations, including those who are medically underserved, both domestically and abroad, aligns well with the mission of the program. I’m thrilled to have found a program that will allow me to continue to explore and cultivate my passions and am excited to learn from and to be challenged by my future mentors and colleagues.”

WayneElizabeth Wayne, M.D.
Central Michigan University
WrightKiwan Wright, D.O.
Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine
YauCatherine Yau, D.O. 
Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine


First Year Residents

AdamsJoel Adams, D.O.
Pacific Northwest University COM

EichstaedtMegan Eichstaedt, M.D.
Medical College of Wisconsin - Green Bay

What impresses me about Ascension Columbia St. Mary's:
“When I started looking at family medicine residencies, I knew I wanted a couple of things. I wanted a program with a strong obstetrics curriculum, the opportunity to rotate internationally, and the chance to work in an urban environment. Not only does Columbia St. Mary’s check all of my boxes, but the entire curriculum is so well developed that I knew I would be able to get high quality experiences no matter what direction I choose to go. Beyond the draw I felt to the curriculum and structure of the program, I was also incredibly impressed with the group of residents I met during my interview. From my very first interaction with the residents at CSM I felt completely at ease and welcomed. I knew this was a group of people who truly enjoyed spending time with each other. Opening my envelope on match day, I could not have been happier to find out I would be spending the next three years learning and growing at CSM.”

FreedLindsey Freed, M.D.
St. Louis University

What impresses me about Ascension Columbia St. Mary's:
"I had the opportunity to do an away rotation at the Family Health Center as a medical student. From the very first day, I felt welcomed by all staff, residents, and faculty! Everyone made a point to introduce themselves to me and include me in educational opportunities. I left clinic each day feeling like CSM was a place where I could become a strong family physician and find support during the trying times of residency. While interviewing, I stayed open-minded, but constantly found myself comparing programs to CSM. I couldn’t have asked for a better program to train and serve the community for the next three years!"

LehmannMaxwell Lehmann, D.O.
Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Med - Bradenton

What impresses me about Ascension Columbia St. Mary's:
“Throughout my medical school training it became very apparent to me that a career in Family Medicine was my calling. To be able to care for patients and families throughout their life span offers a variety of opportunities to be a catalyst in making a difference and being a positive influence in their health. Columbia St. Marys provides an environment that will help me continue to become a well rounded Family Physician and continue to train in both an urban and community setting. Being born and raised in Wisconsin and then attending undergrad in Chicago and Medical School in Florida it has always been important for me to be able to return to my home state and my family here. The people I have met at CSM have all been kind and supportive and I am honored to be a part of this team.”

SmithChristopher Smith, M.D.
Rush Medical College

StarcynskiTaylor Starcynski, M.D.
Medical College of Wisconsin

What impresses me about Ascension Columbia St. Mary's:
"Having worked with many of the residents and faculty at CSM, I knew that this program was going to allow me to succeed in my future career in Family Medicine. One of the strengths of this program is the support the residents receive from the faculty and staff. I knew right away during my interview that the faculty were greatly invested in the residents' education and were willing to tailor educational experiences based on interest. Being a graduate of Marquette University, where service to the community was an important part of my experience, I also knew I wanted to be in a program that worked closely with the Milwaukee community. From the moment I came to interview, I felt supported by the program and knew that CSM was the right residency for me. I feel honored to be given the opportunity to continue my education with the CSM Family Medicine Residency!"

StauderScott Stauder, M.D.
Medical College of Wisconsin

StraussAllison Strauss, M.D.
University of Colorado

WegnerEllen Wegner, M.D.
St. George's University - Grenada 

What impresses me about Ascension Columbia St. Mary's:
“During the interview season, I asked resident physicians if they had any advice. Almost everyone said, ‘Find a program that you fit in with.’ After my Columbia St. Mary’s interview, I knew I had found my fit. Everyone I met was very welcoming and the residents were not only colleagues but also seemed to be a family. Additionally, it was evident that faculty and staff were extremely dedicated to their careers. My Second Look Day confirmed my first impressions. I knew that I wanted to continue my training in this environment. Columbia St. Mary’s not only has the sense of community that I desire, they also provide a rigorous curriculum that prepares physicians well for life after residency.”