Clinical Orientation for Students 

This page contains information and resources for students participating in clinical placements at Ascension WI.

Please complete ALL 5 STEPS as you prepare for your clinical experience with an Ascension WI site. You will fill in two separate confirmation pages (Step 2 and Step 5) - both are required.

Students must complete all orientation materials at least 4 weeks before the anticipated clinical start date.


  • Step 1: Forms


    All student and instructors need to review the information found here:

    COVID Considerations for Clinical Placements

    Print and sign the following document and turn in to your school's clinical coordinator prior to the start of the clinical.

    Confidentiality Statement

    Print the following document before the first day of your clinical experience with your instructor or preceptor. Complete on the unit and keep a copy with you at all times for the duration of your clinical experience and submit a copy to your school coordinator. 

     Department Checklist

  • Step 2: General Ascension Information

    Please review the following Ascension information. This content covers the general information all Ascension associates, instructors, and students need to know to successfully contribute to our community. REMEMBER TO MOVE ON TO STEPS 3-5 AFTER REVIEWING THIS INFORMATION. YOU ARE NOT DONE AFTER THIS STEP.

    Ascension Information

    Your progress is not tracked in each course – if you leave a course in the middle, you will need to start again from the beginning. Be sure to leave adequate time to complete each course. Upon completion of the courses, be sure to complete the Attestation Form. This only records your completion of this step - please be sure to complete the remaining steps in order to be show completion of all student orientation materials.

  • Step 3: EHR and Other Clinical Training

    The majority of the Ascension Wisconsin sites utilize an Electronic Health Record (EHR). You will need to learn the applications that apply to your discipline and to the site where you will be working. Please note that different roles require different training. Make sure you are reviewing the correct training materials for your upcoming clinical placement location and role. 

    The following resources is for sites using Epic. Click the link below to launch the education page. After completing the form, you will receive an email with a link to your specific modules and the required login for the training. 

    Epic Training Form

    If you experience any technical issues with the training module, please email: 
    Milwaukee/Ozaukee/Racine Sites:
    Fox Valley Sites:



  • Step 4: Required Reading

    Please review the following documents:


    Patient Rights and Responsibilities

    Corporate Responsibility Program

    Ethical and Religious Directives

    For students who will be providing care to patients in isolation, the following documents must be reviewed. Additionally, students must undergo fit-testing, talk to your school coordinator for more information.

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resource Document 

    Prevention of Clostridioides Cifficile Associated-Disease, AW 

    Isolation Precautions, AW 

    Tuberculosis (TB) Control Program Policy, AW  


  • Step 5: Confirmation

    Once you have finished the items outlined in Steps 1 - 4 (with the exception of the Department Checklist that is completed on the first day of clinical), please CLICK HERE to confirm your completion of the clinical orientation materials. 

    Please note that you must enter your name and email as entered into the database by your school coordinator. If you receive an error message upon submitting the confirmation - confirm you entered your name and email correctly. If you still receive an error message, please contact your school coordinator or instructor for assistance. 

    You will receive your computer access information prior to the beginning of your clinical. Student access for group clinicals will be sent to the instructors. Precepted students will receive their access directly via an encrypted email from Ascension. Access will only be sent if all necessary compliance requirements have been met.