What Our Graduates Are Saying

Positioning class and practice really helped

This program was very intense but like they say: "give of 2 years of your life and we will give you a career for the rest of your life" 

Image analysis class really helped me to be able to evaluate images for appropriate positioning and image quality.

I liked that we rotated through many different campuses on a monthly rotation. The variety of people and cultures that came in and the different experiences at each location was very valuable.

I had a great experience through the Ascension St. Joseph program!

I learned to become very aware and sympathetic to patient needs.

I felt very good going into the registry exam and I was successful!

Everyone wanted us to be the best technologists and it showed but were still enjoyable to be around.

I am very thankful to our clinical sights, I learned a lot and it made me a confident technologist.

Classroom learning is definitely good at preparing you but nothing beats the hands on clinical learning.

The program gave me a solid foundation. I felt prepared for my career with high expectations from the program.

I really liked the variety of places / environments and experiences we were able to have.

The 4-10hour days a week was great! Helped me balance school and a part-time job.