Admission and Application Requirements

The program is based on a 24-month curriculum beginning the first Tuesday of September, after Labor Day. It is patterned after the Standards for an Accredited Educational Program in Radiologic Sciences adopted by the Joint Review Committee in Education in Radiologic Technology (JRCERT) and the Radiography Curriculum by the American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT).
  • Recommendation Form


    Applicants Printed Name______________________________________________________

    Applicant:  Under Federal law entitled the Family Educational Rights Act of 1974, students have the right to inspect their records, including letters of recommendation.  While we shall consider all letters of recommendation carefully, we believe that in many instances that letters written in confidence are of greater use in the assessment of a student’s qualifications and abilities.  Please carefully read both statements below and sign your name after the statement with which you agree.

    I waive my right to review the content of this form.   ______________________________________________

                           Applicants Signature Date

    I do NOT waive my right to review the content of this form .   ______________________________________________

                           Applicants Signature Date

    To the Person Recommending:

    The person listed above is applying to Ascension - St Joseph, School of Radiologic Technology and has asked you for a recommendation.  We are eager to select individuals whose accomplishments, personal attributes, and abilities make them likely to succeed in this demanding program.  Please provide a thoughtful and sincere appraisal of this applicant by completing and returning this form by ________________________.  A delay in returning the form could result in the person’s application not being considered.  

    If you do not know the applicant well enough to complete the form please return the form to the applicant.

    How well do you know the candidate?   ________Very Well  _______ Fairly Well _______Slightly 

    How long have you known the applicant? _______________________________________________________

    In what capacity do you know this person?______________________________________________________

    Does Not Meet Expectations







    Work Ethic

    Attitude & Cooperation

    Critical Thinking


    Reaction to criticism


    Personal Appearance

    Quality of Work

    Rate how you would recommend this individual

    In the space provided, please discuss the characteristics of the applicant that you feel will make him or her a competitive candidate for the Radiography Program.



    Positive attributes:

    Areas needing improvement:


    Person completing recommendation:

    Name:_________________________________Date:  ___________________

    Occupation: ______________________________________________________

    Address: ________________________________________________________



    Daytime Phone Number:(       ) _______________E-mail: __________________

    Signature: _______________________________________________________

    Please return to the applicant.  If the applicant waived their right to review the content of this form, please put your signature across the sealed part of the envelope.

    Thank you!

  • Application

    Interested university students should complete the Radiologic Technology Application form at the institution they are attending. The institution will submit the application, reference letters, transcripts, and other required documentation. University contacts include:

    Carroll University
    Lucinda Glaser
    Phone: 262-524-7435

    Concordia University
    Lisa Reimer
    Phone: 262-243-2172

    Marian University
    Teri Durkin
    Phone: 920-923-8625

    University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
    Jayne Wisniewski
    Phone: 414-229-2230

    University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh
    Mallory Janquart
    Phone: 920-424-0678

    Sonja Jeter
    Phone: (920) 424-1102

    Wisconsin Lutheran College
    Dr. Rob Balza
    Phone: 414-443-8908

    Community Students who are interested may submit an application as long as they have a previous bachelor or associate degree. Those applicants with a strong math, science and healthcare background are given preference. Required prior coursework must include:

    • Human anatomy and physiology (6-8 credits)
    • Written or oral communications (3 credits)
    • College mathematics (3 credits)

    Persons wishing to apply must submit the following information:

    • Complete application form.
    • Transcripts from all colleges.
    • Personal statement explaining why the interest in becoming a radiologic technologist (500 words).
    • Total of 3 recommendation forms or letters from instructors and/or employers
    • $25.00 application fee

    Application deadline is Feb. 1 of the year of application.

    The above information should be sent to:
    Diane Wingenter - Program Director
    St. Joseph, School of Radiologic Technology
    5000 West Chambers
    Milwaukee, WI 53210
    Phone: 414-874 - 6410

  • Program Costs

    Ascension St. Joseph, School of Radiologic Technology tuition fee is $12,000.00 for the two-year period.  Tuition is pro-rated and collected at the beginning of each semester and covers the radiography curriculum but does not include the following costs:

    • Uniforms
    • Shoes
    • $1,200 for books and related materials
    • Room and board
    • Transportation

    Students enrolled in a university affiliate (i.e. Carroll University, Concordia University, Marian University, University of WI - Milwaukee, University of WI - Oshkosh and WI Lutheran) will pay the University tuition & fees.  All clinical sites offer free parking and discounted food in the hospital cafeteria. Health insurance and financial aid are not available.

  • Additional Candidate Requirements
    Physical requirements include the ability to lift fifty pounds, reach a distance of 72 inches from the floor, see to adjust a computer monitor, hear the patient alarm system or hear a patient calling for assistance and be able to coordinate eye-hand movements. Push and pull a wheelchair, beds and portable x-ray equipment. In addition, helpful personal characteristics include an above average blend of mental and physical aptitude, along with a scientific approach to problem solving to meet the challenges of the field of radiography. Furthermore, the ability to effectively communicate information and ideas so others will understand is mandatory.
  • Application and Admission Process

    All applicants who have completed an application and who meet admission requirements by the application deadline of February 1st prior to admission are invited to an informational meeting. Attendance at one informational meeting is a required step in the application process.

    The informational meeting agenda includes but is not limited to:

    Program overview – student services, financial aid, insurance, drug screen and criminal background checks.
    Policies and procedures
    Didactic and clinical education
    Radiation safety
    Registry examination
    Post-Graduation: salaries, job opportunities and advancements
    Complete written information about all these topics is provided to all who attend the informational meeting.

    At the completion of the informational meeting, personal interviews are set up.  Following the interview an applicant assessment form is completed.

    • A point value is awarded to the applicant. Upon completion of all interviews, students are selected on the basis of points. All perspective students receive an email of acceptance or rejection.

    • When the student accepts a position, they are required to make a $100.00 non-refundable deposit. This deposit goes toward their book fees.

    • As a condition of enrollment, the hospital requires all students to complete and pass a physical, urine drug screen and a background check. There is no charge for these conditions. The students make arrangements for these conditions through a hospital representative.  Positive drug test results will bar otherwise qualified applicants from further enrollment consideration for a six month period of time, meaning after six months, they can re-apply for the following year.

    • During July prior to enrollment, each student receives an informational letter reaffirming his or her acceptance, the first day of class, school dress requirements and is given the tuition and book fee amounts. Balance of tuition and book fees must be paid prior to the first day of class. Payment time tables are also outlined in this letter. For community students, a monthly payment plan can be set up.

    • CPR in Healthcare Provider by American Heart Association must be current before starting classes in September.

    • Qualified applicants will receive equal consideration regardless of race, color, creed, sex, marital status, arrest or conviction record, national origin, ancestry, handicap, age or status as a disabled veteran of the Vietnam era, as provided by law.

    • Upon successful completion, the graduate is awarded a certificate which qualifies him/her to complete the computer-based examination of the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists. The title of Registered Technologist – Radiography R.T. (R) is bestowed upon those who pass this examination.

    • All license and registry agencies have eligibility standards for their applicants.  These standards address the question of an applicant's conviction of a felony or misdemeanor.  The student is responsible for ensuring their license/registry eligibility.  

    • If you have questions regarding your eligibility, contact: American Registry of Radiologic Technologists -