Agency and Allied Health

Agency Orientation for Ascension Wisconsin

First and foremost, thank you for choosing Ascension WI for your next travel assignment.  We want your assignment to be a successful one and have designed this website to help aide you in this process. Your orientation to Ascension Wisconsin consists of online pre-work followed by additional on-site facilitated orientation.

Orientation Process
Selecting the links in the navigation will take you to pages that outline the orientation process for your job category in more detail. You will find information on a variety of topics, such as: our mission, vision and values, patient rights, environmental and patient safety, HIPAA, service excellence, and diversity. This information is for you to review prior to your start date. In addition to the orientation information, you will find checklists and forms to complete and bring with you to your first day of work.
The specific information you need to review depends on the type of job you will be performing as agency staff or an allied health practitioner while working at Wheaton. Definitions of job categories can be found below. Please carefully review the instructions on the appropriate page for your job category or discipline. 

Directions for navigating this website:
Select the appropriate page for your job category in the navigation and follow the step-by-step directions.
Links to forms and orientation materials are embedded in the instructions. Links are blue in color and are underlined when you place a cursor over them. When the cursor moves over a link, it changes to a hand.
The easiest way to navigate the orientation documents is to open the pages tab on the left-hand side of the PDF file and select on the pages to move through the document.
When you are finished reviewing or printing that page, use the browser's back arrow to return to the previous page with instructions for your job category.

Job Categories & Disciplines
Allied Health: Dependent staff who have privileges under a physician (Ex: PA, NP, Nurse Midwife, etc.)

Assistive Nursing: PCA, CNA, Technicians

Clinical: Non-nursing staff that delivers patient care. (Ex: PT, OT, ST, RT, Pharmacy, etc.)

Non-Clinical: Staff that does not deliver patient care or work with equipment, etc. that touches patients.

Nursing Staff: RN, LPN (both Travelers and per diem Agency staff)

Ascension Wisconsin Locations (Legacy Locations):

Southeast Region: 

Fox Valley Region:

North and Central Regions: