To view each type of training that occurs throughout the Diagnostic Radiology Residency, select one of the following.

General Rotation Schedule

   PGY-2  PGY-3  PGY-4  PGY-5
 ED/IP  12  4    
 OB/GU  4  4  4  4
 Body  8  4  4  4
 Neuro  4  4  4  4
 Fluoro  4  4  4  
 Nuc Med
 4  4  4  4
 Breast  4  4  4  4
 MISK  4  4  4  4
 IR  4  4  4  4
 Peds    4  4  4
 OP/Flex    8    
 OP/AIRP      8/4  
 CV      4  
 Elective        16

PGY-5 residents are guaranteed at least eight weeks of elective time in preparation for postgraduate training or private practice (mini-fellowships).

Call Frequency

First year Diagnostic Radiology residents do not participate in any overnight call. Call is front loaded and you will take six shifts per month during your second year (PGY-3). Call frequency during third and fourth years range from one to four per month, with senior residents taking less call as the year progresses. The chief resident is responsible for setting up the call schedule, which is very flexible and takes into account personal time off.


To ensure that you acquire adequate knowledge and develop your technical skills, your performance will be monitored throughout your residency. You will be evaluated formally by supervising faculty members after each clinical rotation. Additionally, we incorporate 360 degree evaluations for a more comprehensive review process.


We are invested in providing the residents with a well-rounded medical experience that includes opportunities to be actively involved in leadership roles and various departmental positions. One chief resident is elected per academic year.

Teaching Opportunities

As a resident, you will have the opportunity to teach rotating Medical College of Wisconsin students, visiting students from other medical schools as well as St. Joseph transitional year residents.

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