Medical Assistant

Medical Assistant are trained to assist medical professionals.

Your Orientation
Your orientation to Wheaton Franciscan Medical Group will consist of online self-study materials, a clinical orientation class and a clinic orientation on your first day of work. Expected outcomes include:

Medical assistants will feel comfortable and knowledgeable in the environment.
Basic competencies will be validated.
Regulatory standards will be met.
Our goal is that you will be able to meet the same high standards of behavior and patient care that are expected of our own associates.

Please Note: We encourage you to use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers on a desktop or laptop computer as some of these orientation modules are not supported by Internet Explorer and mobile devices.
    Agency WFMG Medical Assistant Orientation Checklist
    Please print a copy of the Agency Wheaton Franciscan Medical Group Medical Assistant Orientation Checklist. Review all items listed under Self-Study and check them off on the list. The checklists will be signed and dated after the clinical orientation class is completed.

    Confidentiality Statement
    Please print, review, and sign the Confidentiality Statement. Bring to orientation class. It will be collected by your instructor.

    The online documents listed under Orientation Materials cover key information that you need to know before your first day at a Wheaton facility. The topics correspond to items listed on the Agency Wheaton Medical Assistant Orientation Checklist. Please review each document carefully before checking it off on the Orientation Checklist.

    Orientation Materials
    Allied Health and Contract Staff Orientation Manual
    Agency Staff HIPAA Introduction
    MSDS Online Tip Sheet
    How to Access Policies
    12 Lead ECG Self Study Packet
    12 Lead ECG Quiz (bring completed quiz to orientation. It will be collected by your instructor.)
    BMI Worksheet
    Diabetes Management
    Ear Irrigation
    Abuse, Neglect and Misappropriation
    WIR Tip Sheet - Wheaton Franciscan Medical Group
    Unapproved Abbreviations

    Immunization Guidelines
    National Patient Safety Goals
    Occurrence Report
    Safe Baby/Emergency Response
    Translation/Linguistic Services
    Caregiver Misconduct
    Medication Administration and Injections
    Vital Signs
    Fundamentals of POC Testing
    Glucose (PXP) ORPO5015
    Macro UA ORPO5016 (when prompted, select button to choose "Use Automated Instrument")
    Rapid Strep ORPO5012
    Urine Preg ORPO5009
    INR testing ORPO7001A

    You will be scheduled to attend a clinical orientation class. You must complete the self-study portion of the orientation PRIOR to attending the clinical orientation class. The clinical orientation class content builds on the self-study materials and you will not be able to participate effectively if you do not come prepared. The bottom portion of the Agency WFMG MA Orientation Checklist will be completed at this time. Please turn in the Confidentiality Statement, Expectations for the Journey Commitment Statement, and completed ECG quiz to the instructor of the class.
    When you come to the clinic for your first shift, you can expect to meet clinic staff, tour the clinic and find out some things that are specific to that clinic.
    When you are scheduled to work a shift, you should arrive one half hour early to complete the clinic orientation. The top portion of the Agency Medical Assistant (MA) Clinic Orientation and Competency Form is used to document the clinic orientation. The bottom portion of the form is used to document basic clinical competencies demonstrated during your first shift worked.
    Please Note: Each time you are scheduled to work at a new clinic, a clinic orientation must be documented. Additional clinic orientations should be documented on the Agency Medical Assistant Clinic Specific Orientation Form.